About Me

Like many websites, Sensational Berries is not published by some large nameless and faceless corporation, but by a person. In this case that person is a middle-aged woman who happens to adore berries - red berries, blue berries, purple berries. I have yet to meet one I don't like!

My love affair with these tiny intense sources of taste and nutrition started when I was quite small. By the time I was 2 years old I had learned to pick berries in Sioux Lookout, Northern Ontario with my parents - especially the blueberries, blackberries and raspberries that grew wild at the edges of the wilderness that surrounded our home.

A few years later I started spending summers in France with my grandparents - and the very large garden they had in their back yard - richly endowed with two or three packed rows of strawberries and a large patch of raspberries. I am not sure that we allowed too many to get to the table. Those berry bushes kept me, my sister and our cousins busy for many hours.

By the age of 10 we were living in North Bay, Ontario - home to acres and acres of wild blueberries. My best friend Catherine and I would go out for the entire day and sit amongst the blueberry bushes, smelling the cedars, and pick and eat.

A few years later, in the relative civilization of Ottawa, there was always a raspberry patch in the back yard, and never a shortage of strawberries in season.

As I grew up I learned to cook, and started to introduce these delicious fruits into my repertoire. Only in recent years have we really begun to understand just how nutritious they are too.

I am a big fan of the 100 mile eating movement - not only for the good of the environment, but also for the good of our health. Locally produced fruits and vegetables have all the nutrients we need if we will encourage their local cultivation. Fresh, preserved, or frozen - they can provide a cornucopia of taste and nutrition all through the calendar year.

I hope that you enjoy the information and recipes in this website - and grow to love berries as much as I do. (maybe even more - if that's possible!)