Refreshing Blueberry Smoothie

Smoothies are a wonderful way to enjoy a highly nutritious beverage which is thinly disguised as a treat. With a blueberry smoothie, because of the superior antioxidant benefits of the little blue berries, the potential health advantages are significant.

Yogurt and Berry Smoothie

serves 2-3

This smoothie recipe combines the multiple health benefits of both blueberries and yogurt in one serving.

2 cups of blueberries, fresh or slightly thawed
1 cup of yogurt - any flavor you would like
1 cup of juice
1 Tbsp of sugar or honey to start, you may add more to taste

1. Place all ingredients in blender or food processor
2. Blend until smooth
3. Serve immediately
4. If you prefer a more 'frozen' beverage, use frozen berries or yogurt.

Banana and Blueberry Smoothie

Serves 2

2 cups of frozen blueberries
1 ripe banana
2 Tbsp of protein powder

1. Place all ingredients in the blender or food processor and process until smooth.
2. Add a little honey if desired.

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