Health Benefits of Black Currants

Throughout the centuries many health benefits of black currants have been documented in both ancient herbal lore and modern medical research. The 2002 Journal of Nutrition published studies showing that black currants have twice the antioxidents of blueberries.

The high levels of vitamin C and anthocyanins are believed to help maintain the health of your heart, urinary tract, brain and vision. They play an important role in reducing swelling and inflammation.

Black currant fruit and leaves have been used as herbal remedies for centuries. They are believed to to be a helpful tool in the treatment of colds and flu symptoms.

An infusion, or tea, made from the leaves have a diuretic as well as an anti-inflammatory effect. In a beverage they have been used to treat blood pressure, rheumatic pain and whooping cough. They are also used externally to encourage the healing of slow-healing cuts and abcesses, and as a gargle for sore throats.

N.B. You should never rely solely on unproven traditional remedies without professional medical diagnosis and supervision.

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