Enjoying a Healthy Lifestyle

Eating berries rich in antioxidants is just one of the components of a healthy lifestyle. There are many other food and living choices that you can make to help you enjoy a superior quality of life and health for many years!

Eating Well

I was blessed to be raised in a home where convenience foods rarely saw the light of day. My Mom was committed to making almost everything from scratch.

In later years my Dad became a vegan due to some health challenges. Even though we did not elect to follow his dietary choices, it was a reminder of the importance of choosing unprocessed foods closest to their natural state.

I firmly believe that God has designed food not only to provide needed nutrients and calories, but to provide much of what we need to build and maintain long term health.

Although we cannot prevent every health crisis - healthy, natural and fresh foods may be our greatest weapon of prevention.

Health Benefits of Honey will take you on a fascinating journey where you will learn many honey facts, and why honey is once again being recognized as an important component of a healthy lifestyle.

Caring for Your Physical Body

Even just two generations ago, most people were able to get enough exercise from the vigors of daily life. Today, that is just no longer the case. We all need to make the effort to make intentional changes to our activity levels in order to live long and active lives.

Fitness for those over 50 is as, if not, more important than for other age groups. If you're an older adult (fifty years and up), you can turn back the clock on your health and fitness level. You have the potential to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Protect Your Eyesight Your eyesight is one of the most precious gifts you have. The aim of this web site is to improve the percentages so that fewer people develop preventable eye diseases, and so that those who do develop an eye disease can slow the progression and lessen the symptoms of the disease.

Reduce Your Exposure to Toxins

Chemistry has done allot over the years with the desire to give us better food with longer shelf life, stronger cleaners, and to generally make our lives easier. Unfortunately, it turns out that many of the products have not made our lives healthier. Without realizing it, we have traded our health for convenience.

We all have to clean our homes. Unfortunately many of the products we use are harmful in the long term to the environment, our health, or both. For the sake of our own health, that of our children, and the environment, it is important to learn to reduce our exposure to harmful chemicals in cleaning products.

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