What are Berries?

Technically, it turns out that this site isn't about 'real' berries at all, because strawberries, blackberries and raspberries are not true berries.

A true berry is a single fleshy ovary - it looks like a single, juicy, round or oblong fruit where there is no barrier between the seed(s) and the pulp (except sometimes air).

An apple is clearly not a berry because there is obvious structure that separates the seeds from the flesh of the fruit. A plum is not a berry because it has a stone in the center, not seeds. Strawberries are not berries either, because the seeds are on the outside of the fruit, not the inside.

Genuine Berries

Types of berries that fall under the genuine definition include:






capsicum (peppers)


While most berries are edible, some, like the fruit of deadly nightshade, are quite dangerous and can kill a small child.

For the curious, here is a list of Types of Berries .

For the purposes of this website, we are going to stick with the layman's definition - wrong as it may be: a berry is any small edible fruit with tiny seeds.

In most cases, these are fruit that you may be able to grow in your very own back yard in a large or small garden.

Gardening is a great way to regain your balance if you come home from work tired and stressed out to the point that all you want to do is pop a microwave dinner in the microwave, toss back a few and sit and vegetate the rest of the evening in front of the T.V.?

Perhaps you have had a frustrated day dealing with employees, boss, people in general, traffic, failure, children, spouse and the list goes on. You work hard but there seems to be little to show for all your efforts.

Perhaps it's time for a new and rewarding hobby: vegetable gardening!

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What are Berries?